Sunday, December 16, 2012

TVB Anniversary Awards, Witness Insecurity

There are only two days left before the TVB Anniversary Awards, Witness Insecurity starring Bosco Wong and Linda Chung is still the top rated series of 2012 to date, averaging 31.65 points. TVB anniversary series Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles and The Confidant tried to boost the ratings by hosting an event for the cast to watch the finale with the audience. To maintain the popularity, Bosco comes back to life in the specially recorded theatrical version of Linda's song The Most Blissful Thing (最幸福的事).

Regarding the special theatrical version of the song, Bosco's role "Hui Sir" comes back to life, Bosco admitted: "Linda asked for my help because the two roles Kiu Chi Lam and Hui Sir has left deep impressions on the audience, so we recorded a special version!" Linda was asked if this version is used to help get more votes, she frankly expressed the audience knows in their heart, there is no need for them to purposely ask audience to vote for them!

Witness Insecurity currently holds the title of the top rated series of 2012, but Bosco and Linda expressed they don't mind other series surpassing them. Bosco frankly said: "The rankings are not important, the most important is TVB series get good response and ratings. That would be the best for all of us! We don't have to be the top rated of the year." Linda agreed: "We are still the top rated up until now, I'm pleased with this result. Even if we get surpassed and end up in second place, I'll still be just as happy!"

Also, last night Bosco and Niki Chow were shooting the ending scene for A Change of Heart. The scene was about the couple enjoying a romantic night together watching fireflies. Before filming, Bosco just had a lunchbox to eat, he said he hasn't had time to celebrate his birthday because he is also working on the Chinese New Year film and immediately following, there are a lot of Christmas jobs. He said: "I didn't think I'll have to spend my birthday in the middle of nowhere. Yesterday the crew did a quick celebration with me, sang me the birthday song and gave me a Ma Lai Go cake. I even treated everyone for drinks, no problem! As long as we're all happy." Niki was asked if she got a birthday gift for her partner? She said: "After we complete this series, I'll treat them all dinner, no problem! We had a pleasant collaboration, can think of it as an end of filming dinner or a dinner to make up for his birthday. (You treat the dinner?) No problem." Niki expressed she wishes Bosco's career goes smoothly. When asked if she'll introduce him to a new girlfriend? She said: "I can't even help myself, how can I look after others? We are all single, and understand its the time to work hard on our careers."

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