Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bosco Wong relationship rumours

Bosco Wong has always been involved in relationship rumours with his drama leading ladies, from ex-girlfriend Myolie Wu to co-stars Liu Yan, Fala Chen, Toby Leung and Kate Tsui. But he assured everyone this time around that there will be no dating rumours about him with "A Change Of Heart" co-star, Niki Chow. Groove Asia reported that the actor, who attended the promotional event for the upcoming drama, stated, "It is true that Niki and I are closer after working together in the drama, but to be a real couple? I don't think so." The actor, who also worked with Niki in "Under The Canopy" and "The Seventh Day", added that they can only be a great onscreen couple, saying, "This pairing is excellent. Perhaps she personally has interest in fashion, so while we were filming, she would automatically match what I was wearing." "Sometimes, when we have dating scenes, she would ask me what I'm wearing, and then match it with her own outfits of similar colour. When it is shown onscreen, it looks so much better, as if we have matching couple outfits," the actor enthused. Niki, who agreed with Bosco's statement, expressed that despite having worked with Bosco before, "A Change Of Heart" was a game-changer for her as , they have become more familiar with each other. "When we were working in the two dramas before, we didn't have too many scenes together. Now, we are more matured, and though I could only call him a colleague in the past, now I can confidently say that he is a friend," the actress said. Bosco added, "At first I thought she was this cool girl. But after getting to know her more, I realised that she is a little bit silly, though very optimistic!"

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