Thursday, June 27, 2013

G-Dragon will release his second album

G-Dragon of Big Bang will release his second album on Aug. 18, which is his birthday, according to YG Entertainment yesterday. It has been four years since the artist unveiled his first album on the same day in 2009. G-Dragon has worked on writing, composing and producing the new album’s 10 songs. Missy Elliott has also contributed. “We have decided to work with just one big-name foreign artists work instead of inviting multiple people,” said Yang Hyun-suk, chief producer at YG. “There have been many ideas regarding male rappers, but YG wanted to have a female artist, and the answer was so simple and easy: Missy Elliott.” He explained that even hip-hop novices would know her music videos “Get Ur Freak On” and “Work It” on YouTube, as she is a legendary figure in the hip-hop industry and boasts numerous hit songs. “We have put a lot of effort into delivering information about G-Dragon’s music and career to the artist, and finally she showed her interest in working together,” Yang said. She had stopped making public appearances due to health issues. “That was why it was so hard to ask her to work with G-Dragon on a song,” Yang added. YG’s in-house producer Teddy composed songs and G-Dragon wrote lyrics and raps before delivering the work to Missy Elliott. She then added her own style to the song she received from YG. The melody and beat of Korean folk music has been included to add more character to the hip-hop genre. Meanwhile, G-Dragon will complete his solo world tour this week in Singapore after 25 shows. He will then focus on producing music videos for the upcoming album and designing the cover. “As most of the work for the second album was completed in September, when G-Dragon unveiled his EP, it feels like [I’m] opening a jewel box that was really well-hidden,” Yang said.

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