Monday, June 10, 2013

Gigi Leung drawing contest in Hong Kong

Hong Kong star Gigi Leung said she is not in a rush to be a mother as she already has three pets, consisting of two kittens and one puppy to take care of. Speaking at a drawing contest in Hong Kong, the 37-year-old singer shared that she doesn't mind being an old-aged mother, adding that the risk of being pregnant at an older age is low due to the advancement in medical technology. However, Leung revealed that she is currently consuming Chinese medicine as a preparation for pregnancy. She also shared some taboos on pregnancy with the media. "Rumour has it that if you are trying to get pregnant, you must avoid travelling to the United States as your body may be subjected to radiation when the plane flies over the North Pole. Some of my friends told me that tropical countries is a holy place for those who want to get pregnant." "I'm not sure how true these taboos are, but I wouldn't give myself too much pressure on that. I'll just let nature take its course," she added.

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