Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New album Free (我自在)

Yesterday Vincy Chan was at a CD store in Mongkok promoting for her new album Free (我自在). Good friend Michelle Wai was there to support her and gave her a hot and sexy bikini. Michelle said: "I can estimate her size. I bought her a medium, she probably will feel like its suffocating." Lately there has been a lot of gossip around Vincy's new album. Aside from Netizens turning the album into a "porn CD", there is also a video clip secretly taken of Vincy in her "lady's bedroom" that circulated online. Vincy expressed the concept of her album is a lady's bedroom. Netizens dismantled the album and said each of the 10 songs describes each step in bedroom sex. Vincy did not mind, she said: "I know some people said my album is the most erotic album in Hong Kong. They even described each song title as the before and after of activity in the bedroom. Actually it fits pretty well, but of course that is not my original meaning! (Speaks in your experience?) Er... its close, but I never thought Deep White Color would be understood as the peak!" Asked if her album should be listened to during sex? She laughed: "If can follow the rhythm then its OK!" To promote for her album, Vincy didn't hesitate to put herself on the table. It turns out the source of the video clip that circulated online was Vincy herself! She said: "Actually I was the one who put the video online. There are so many practical joke shows lately, so I decided to play a practical joke on everyone as well. Just joking with you all!" Free 我自在 Track List 01. Breathe 心呼吸 02. Free 我自在 03. Before Bedtime 睡前服 04. Bedroom Declaration 睡房宣言 05. Deep White Color 深白色 06. Half of the Bed 一半床 07. Electricfy 通電 08. Pure Love 清潔愛 09. I'm a Scorpio at Night 晚上我是天蠍座 10. Afterwards 後來

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