Tuesday, June 25, 2013

News : Charlene Choi

"Before making this album, I had already really wanted to have the opportunity to sing a cover of Keith Chan's song , because I really liked this song when I was in school," Charlene said. Not only did her wish come true, but became one of the first plugged songs. " reminds me of a countryside feeling. Coincidentally, when we were preparing to make the album, I had an opportunity to work in England. As a result, on the way, the production team and I went to film the album cover in England. We found a field of flowers with sunflowers as big as people and giant bees on every flower. Fortunately, the bees were preoccupied with gathering pollen and did not take notice of us," Charlene continued. In front of the camera, Ah Sa fits in with the outdoor nature, matching the title of the album "Blooming." Ah Sa indicated that the album is a record of her current blooming self at the age of 30. Charlene and the production team also worked together to make the album with painstaking care and effort, so it is her piece of work that she is most proud of to date.

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