Thursday, June 27, 2013

News : “Police Story 2013”

“Police Story 2013” will see Chan play a “very mature”, “steadfast” Chinese police officer, a departure from previous films in the series where he plays a Hong Kong cop. Chan’s character has to manage his relationship with his rebellious daughter (played by Chinese actress Jing Tian) even as he battles the villain of the piece (played by Chinese actor Liu Ye) over the course of the film. Chan described his role in the “highly dramatic” film as being “very different” from the relatively light-hearted ones he had previously played. “There will be no more funny faces,” said the actor. While Chan plays a serious police officer in “Police Story 2013”, he still retained his wry sense of humour in real life. When asked if he agreed Donnie Yen earns more per film than even he did, the film veteran said he agreed with that statement, but gave a rather unexpected reason for his answer. “Donnie Yen commands the highest actor fees,” said Chan with a laugh. “I’m actually sabotaging him, so nobody will approach him with film offers!” “Police Story 2013” is currently in post-production and scheduled for release in China on December 24.

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