Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The Andy Lau Tak Wa and Lin Chiling starred film SWITCH (TIN GEI FU CHUN SHAN GUI TOH) opened in the Mainland with 46 million RMB to be the single day box office champion, but its word of mouth was not in proportion. With big stars, foreign locations and three years in production as its draw, the 3D special agent film in the end was rated as challenging the "rotten film" bottom line. Some viewers demanded refunds and even jokingly demanded mental anguish compensation, most of the reviews were negative. Many online reviews are about SWITCH. Some said that aside from the beautiful shots and scenery, the story had no plot to speak of. The product placement advertising situation was severe, some even said that the film was covered with ads. "It's not product placement in the film, it's film placement in advertising." Some also said that the film had all the elements and called it a "god film" with horror, comedy, action, science fiction and heist, as well as S and M, Oedipal complex, with help from magic, acrobatics and artistic gymnastics; in the end it was a complete mess with confusing character relationships. Someone said, "Sister Chiling suddenly appears and suddenly disappears. Lau Tak Wa appears, then disappears too! Zhang Jingchu suddenly becomes a superwoman, suddenly they cry and the audience laugh. The fight scene climax shakes the audience, because everyone laugh." However, some also praised this film as a beauty pageant program, with beauties in different costumes and "career lines". Director Jay Sun Jianjun was very accepting of online criticism and even wrote that he wanted to be a great host. When he was little he was poor but he would cook a catty of eggs that took a month to come by for guests. This time was no exception; as a Chinese film chef he felt only by using shark fin like cellophane noodles he was able to answer for the expensive ticket prices. He even asked viewers to forgive his shortcoming!

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