Friday, July 05, 2013

New film Nice Sweet

Several international film festivals have chosen to screen Oscar Leung and Christine Kuo's new film Nice Sweet (重口味), allowing overseas audience to enjoy Hong Kong locally produced films. Nice Sweet is scheduled to go on the big screen this summer. When speaking of collaborating with Oscar, Christine's most memorable scene was when they were in school uniforms. She expressed: "I really liked the costume in that scene. The audience can see a different me, but once I saw Oscar in the school uniform, I thought he looked no different than a real school boy." In the film, Oscar rides a bicycle with Christine sitting in the back as his passenger. When speaking of Christine's figure is often criticized, Oscar expressed it wasn't too difficult to ride with her on the bike. He said: "Christine's school uniform look matches her quite well, she looks very slim in it. She looks just like a high school goddess any guy dreams of. Although I'm riding a bike with Christine behind me, I still felt really relaxed. It was just because we had to do the scene several times in different angles, so I started losing my breath."

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