Wednesday, July 17, 2013

News : 2013 Time Line World Tour

JJ Lin wrapped up with a perfect performance at the Taipei Arena last weekend, for his 2013 Time Line World Tour, Taiwan show. The Singaporean singer also took the opportunity to confess to his long-time crush, Hebe Tien, from popular Taiwanese girl group, S.H.E during the concert. According to earlier reports, the 32-year-old has adored Hebe ever since he debuted in 2003. JJ expressed his admiration for the lady by inviting her on his elevated swing and sang her one of his hits, '˜Dou Jiang You Tiao' (Soy bean and dough fritters) at one segment in his concert. At his post-concert interview, the excited JJ revealed his nervousness, 'I went all out! At that moment, I was actually very worried that she would reject me because I've heard that she was afraid of heights.' Describing his time spent with Hebe as'more precious' than clinching a Golden Melody award, he added, 'Thank you (referring to Hebe) for accommodating to my request and coming to support me at my concert!' The Mandopop singer alsoshared his future intentions to 'ask her out for a movie or dinner with the company of some friends' to reduce the level of awkwardness between them. Following JJ's epic love declaration on Sunday, majority of fans from both sides have expressed their support for the two and urged them to 'start dating officially'. However, there were also a group of disapproving fans who warned JJ to lay his hands off their 'goddess'. Despite the hype, it seems like fans are the only ones rejoicing over JJ's brazen confession as his plans to go on friendly dinner dates was met with lukewarm response from the 30-year-old singer. 'I'm ok going out with friends,' said Hebe, when asked to comment on his suggestion.

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