Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News : Jolin Tsai

Taiwanese songstress Jolin Tsai wowed the crowd with three costume changes during her performance at the Golden Melody Awards last weekend. However, sharp-eyed netizens realised that the Jolin who was on stage during her 20-seconds outfit change was actually a stand-in. During the song ‘The Great Artist', the singer vanished behind a cloak for less than a minute, before reappearing at the opposite end of the stage. As there was some distance between the audience and the stage, netizens only found out about the “stunt” after photos came out in the news. According to Jolin's manager, the move was orchestrated to buy time for Jolin to change into another costume, and that they had anticipated the netizens' reactions. Although Jolin grabbed several major nominations at the Awards this year, she only managed to bag the trophy for the Song of the Year (for ‘The Great Artist') award. In an interview at the after-party, the songstress admitted that she prepared her speech for the Best Female Singer and Best Album awards, but not for the one she brought home. “That's why I'm eating non-stop to forget my disappointment. It's more tiring to attend an awards ceremony than to perform at a concert,” she added.

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