Thursday, July 04, 2013

News : Jordan Chan Siu Chun

Congratulations! The 45 year old Jordan Chan Siu Chun and the 30 year old Cherrie Ying Choi Yi finally on July 1st gave birth to an almost 6 pound son Jasper. Little Siu Chun was born earlier than expected. When Ying Choi Yi realized her water broke, she immediately asked Siu Chun to return to Hong Kong. Siu Chun was lucky enough to return from Tianjin in time to be in the delivery room with his wife and witness the birth of his son under typhoon signal 3. Ying Choi Yi admitted it was like a dream and even joked that since her son was born during a storm, perhaps he would be able to command storms! New father Chan Siu Chun spoke to the media outside the hospital. He could not hide his joy. "My son was born on July 1st. I of course went into the delivery room with my wife. My son is almost 6 pounds. The delivery was not natural but the entire process went very smoothly. She was very tough and wasn't scared at all." Siu Chun was in Tianjin when he learned that his wife was about to give birth. He immediately returned to Hong Kong. As soon as he landed he rushed into the delivery room. Finally he was able to accompany Ting Ting into the delivery room; however, Siu Chun has yet to be able to hold the baby yet because the baby had to be kept under observation in an incubator. However last night Siu Chun finally was able to hold the baby! He made a baby carrying pose for the press. "Earlier during an interview I had a lesson, I don't think I will have any problem. I scored in the 80s." Will he distribute baby photos? He said, "Probably not, I will save them for myself." Siu Chun revealed that Jasper's mouth resembled his Mommy's and nose and eyebrows like Papa's. He said, "He is very hairy, I mean eyebrows, hair too. His limbs are long. Of course he is very handsome." He even praised his wife for being tough. Even with the anesthesia she still could feel the operation in her lower half. She even spoke as her eyes teared up. Siu Chun felt that this was an experience that only women would be able to experience and tough out. He of course was very touched and even thanked his wife with a kiss for giving birth to his baby. His son for now has no Chinese name yet, he would leave it for his wife to decide. For now he would be breast fed. He was the happiest that his son shared an astrological sign with him. "Coincidentally he was born on July 1st. Every year we will have fireworks to celebrate with. (It doesn't happen every year) It's still good!" According to Ying Choi Yi's facebook post, their son is named Jasper. Because Siu Chun's English name was Jordan, their son's name had to start with a J as well. Will he reduce work to take care of his family? Siu Chun helplessly said that originally he wanted to stay in Hong Kong more to spend more time with the baby, but from July to August he will have to fly to Tianjin for work. Siu Chun revealed that his wife always asked him to take acting roles, but he refused to yield. He planned to perform concerts for extra money, which was better than leaving several months for acting. Thus after all the work on hand he would not work another Mainland series for at least one to two years. He whined, "Give me some time with my son first. My wife had to suffer to give birth to our son. This would be a type of pleasure for the parents." Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung yesterday visited at the hospital. Their son Jacky Heung Jor brought a gift in a Burberry bag. Mrs. Heung said, "I haven't called Ting Ting yet, but I believe they have to be very excited. (Will you give them any parenthood tips?) I believe they have done a lot of homework." YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI)'s Chicken Chan Siu Chun became a father, his co-star friends of course were happy for him. The humorous "Chan Ho Nam" Dior Cheng Yi Kin congratulated Siu Chun online right away, "Congratulation Pal, welcome Little Siu Chun." "Dai Tin Yee" Michael Tse Tin Wa yesterday brought champagne to hospital to visit with his wife. After a hour, they left in the company of Siu Chun. Tin Wa said that because the hospital has not permitted it yet they have not yet seen "Chun B". He said, "I am very happy for them, I saw Siu Chun smile from the heart. (Did you give him any parenthood tips?) I didn't ask, but maybe tomorrow we will be back to see the baby." As for "Bau Pei" Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung, when asked if he would share any parenthood tips with Siu Chun he revealed, "He wouldn't listen. He listens to the boss (Ying Choi Yi)! We suggested names for his son, he told us not to mess around and to stay away. He wasn't afraid of his old lady, it's respect."

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