Thursday, July 11, 2013

News : Jordan Chen

Ever since his wife Cherrie Ying gave birth to their first child Jasper Chen last week, Jordan Chen has been sharing his joy by uploading photos on his microblog. On Monday, the first-time dad shocked everyone by blatantly posting a picture of his son's private parts and captioning the photo with multiple 'cheeky' emoticons. 'It's an indecent photo!' a netizen exclaimed, while some commented that 'only Jordan is capable of doing this'. His fans also reminded the singer-actor to be 'careful' about exposing his son's intimate parts barely one week after he was born. 'Because he will get even with you when he grows up,' said a netizen. Jordan previously posted a heartwarming photo that showed him giving a light peck on Jasper's forehead, which made Cherrie shed tears of joy.

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