Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News : Niki Chow

Niki Chow is TVB's lucky star, seeing that her series has never experienced a decline in ratings, but it does not mean the actress wants to work for the company permanently, reported Oriental Daily. The actress recently revealed that she has no intentions of signing an artiste management contract with TVB and be one of their permanent stars. The actress expressed, "Despite what others said, I don't think I'm TVB's lucky star. It's just a coincidence that two of the series I participated in were aired in the past two months. Usually I just film one series per year." When asked why she would not sign a contract with the station, Niki stated, "What difference does it make? We already have a good working relationship. I prefer quality rather than quantity, and I don't actually work on lots of productions." The actress revealed that her plans of releasing albums and shooting movies are why she preferred to freelance, and added, "[TVB executive] Miss [Virginia] Lok understands what I have in mind and we have mutual understanding about the nature of our collaboration. There's no need for a contract when I have no desire to appear on other TV stations."

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