Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Simon Yam Tat Wa was "promoted" to a director, as he wrote, directed and starred in one of the stories in TALES FROM THE DARK (MAI LEI YEH). Never watched a supernatural film he instead had more imagination to make the film. Because he was too focused, he became paranoid. Since the shoot he has not had a good night sleep. However as soon as he saw his daughter, his negative emotions would be swept away. Earlier he spoke with the Cable program Film Montage and was asked if he enjoyed directing? Brother Wa bitterly laughed and said, "After completing it and watching it again I enjoy it, but during the 40 days of the shoot it really wasn't fun. I couldn't sleep at all. I was restless and terrified. Now I understand what 'suspicion breeds hidden ghost' is. The more you think there is ghost the more you have. Horror actually comes from people's conscience."

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