Monday, July 08, 2013

Ronald McDonald House Charity event

Yesterday Bosco Wong attended Ronald McDonald House Charity event with the girl group Robynn & Kendy. Bosco expressed he previously visited sick children and they played him to death. "They are all so high-spirited. In such a good environment, the children were happy and recovered fast." Bosco said he currently does not have plans to have children, but his mother has rushed him to carry on the family generation. He said lately he has been filming with a 8 year old child actor in TVB new series Mr. & Mrs. Bean and realizes he has potential to be a strict father in the future. "The kids nowadays are so difficult to deal with. They act like adults, but I think I can be a strict father because sometimes when the child actors are naughty, their mothers tell me to yell at them. When I put my angry face on and say to them, 'are you done playing yet?' They start behaving immediately." Bosco expressed he likes children and hopes to be just like Michael Miu, have a son and a daughter, but he's currently single. "I don't even have my other half yet. Don't even go to having children, be more like Kevin Cheng, earn more money first."

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