Thursday, November 21, 2013

News : TVB celebrated its 46th anniversary

TVB celebrated its 46th anniversary last night at its Tseung Kwan O Television City. 400 artists displayed their passion and gave away mad prizes, which reached HK$ 7 million to heat up the atmosphere. In addition artists voted for their television Best Actor Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming and Best Actress Krystal Tin Yui Nei to create some melodrama. TVB even gave away warmth, stating that if the show's rating reached 30 points it would donate HK$ 3 million to 7 charity organizations, and another 100,000 for each extra point. The rare seen ensemble in recent years was to combat the turn off television protest, as the station used every trick to grab ratings. On TVB anniversary night, the station could car less about the protesters who were tossing offerings for the dead outside Television City. Last night was the hottest anniversary scene in recent years to show the station's force. The program from the beginning to the end had different segments gave away money and prizes like TVB stocks, European vehicles, diamond jewelry, watches, Mainland real estate, gold, half a million music video production budget and cash. All actors had a chance to win. Oscar Leung Lit Wai, Dickson Wong, Helen Ng Heung Lun, Raymond Lam Fung, Oil Chan Hong Kin, Super Girls' Yanny Chan Wing Yan and Dolby Kwan Ho Yeung all won. Foreign artist Kwok ? Wing even won the HK$800,000 Huizhou home. This year's performances were more thoughtful, with less cake and cream tossing comedy. Artists switched to perform magic. The young actors performed "floating dance" looked hard. Alan Tam Wing Lun led a group of singers in a cheery performance. From the program rundown, almost every segment had an ensemble as a display of strength. This year added the Anniversary Award preview, as 400 artists voted for their television Best Actor, Best Actor and Actor with the Most substance. Linda Chung Ka Yun and Tin Yui Nei became the finale two. Tin Yui Nei admitted that because she was lucky with people she won. When she tearfully accepted the award all the artists gave a standing ovation, which was quite melodramatic. Best Actor final two were Ma Kwok Ming and Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung. Ma Kwok Ming defeated the 3 time television Best Actor Lai Yiu Cheung. Helena Law Lan as expected won the actor with the most substance. Nat Chan Pak Cheung stated that if the anniversary show only had two to three point rating he would kneel and die. He also said that if the rating reached 30 points, TVB would donate 3 million to charity. For days TVB did not respond, then last night it suddenly announced that if rating reached 30 points it would donate 3 million to 7 charity organizations, and for each additional point it would donate another 100,000. This "save Ah Lek from kneeling" mission had a good intention. Some online revealed that some of the charity organization employees were notified and reminded to turn on their television to support the show, so the organizations would receive donations. Some online responded that they were watching the show because they wanted TVB to donate more money. However, when the show called a lucky viewer with a car prize, the viewer was obviously lost, claimed that he was at dinner and could not hear the host's question clearly. With a credit card prize, the first viewer's number went to voice mail. People speculated whether his television was turned off. Tin Yui Nei was asked if her confidence to win Best Actress was increased. She said, "In the past no one would ask even when I was nominated, but I feel this time I have some chance. Hubby (Chapman) To Man Jat even congratulated me and expressed his love in group. The most touching was other artists' standing ovation and getting everyone's support." Ma Kwok Ming said that perhaps due to his training class background, his colleagues gave him sympathy votes. Thus his confidence for Best Actor did not increase. He said, "Ultimately viewers and artists' points of viewers are different. However I am truly touched to have colleague support." Tin Yui Nei revealed that she also voted for Ma Kwok Ming, but actually Ma Kwok Ming forgot to vote. TVB anniversary show opened with its own record company. Its two top stars Alfred Hui Kin Ting and Fred Cheng sang while leading everyone on a tour of Television City. Performers included Grace Wong Kwan Hing, Ronald Law Kwan Moon, Hubert Wu Hung Kwan, Jinny Ng Yeuk Hei and others, with top star Chung Ka Yun appeared in the finale. Last night few singers attended, as it was completely a party with TVB's own people. INBOUND MARRIAGE had Wong Kwong Leung singing AGE LIKE SONG and Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Corinna Chamberlain (Chan Ming Yun) performing PHYSICAL. However they were no match for Siu Bo (Chen Jiajia)'s Madonna costume. She even grabbed Bosco Wong Chung Chak for her performance and felt him up for atmosphere. In another segment muscle men like Otto Chan Chi Kin, Nathan Ngai and others appeared with fighter looks. "Heavyweight" Louis Yuen Siu Cheung appeared topless. Ng Yip Kwan, Anthony Ho Yuen Tung hit him on the belly, chest, back, arm and cheek for music. His chest was all red as they won a lot of applause. This creative performance has been around foreign sites long ago and again has become TVB research. Moses Chan Ho's wife Aimee Chan Yun Mei was pregnant and remained at home to watch the television. Chan Ho last night performed "giving birth" as a magician appeared from his "belly", but it was nothing new. On the other hand the magician later made Lai Yiu Chung and Grace Chan Hoi Lam appear in a mid air transparent balloon. Another magician Louis Yan "chopped up" Myolie Wu Hung Yi, which was more attractive. Wu Hung Yi's upper body sat on a table while her lower body did a lap around the stage to the surprise of many. Charmaine Sheh Si Man has repeatedly stated that she will participate in the anniversary show after two years and ask everyone not to turn off their television. Yet last night she was absent due to illness. Her manager explained that Ah Sheh started to feel pain and numbness in her right arm on the 15th. The doctor found several nerves under pressure between discs. She needed several physical therapy treatments in a week. She did not feel well so she did not attend. Tavia Yeung Yi was also absent. Lam Fung participated in the "floating dance" and had to perform several very hard moves in mid air. A week ago he just had a minor appendix surgery. Chin Kar Lok substituted for him in the last minute. He said, "I was afraid of contacting the wound so I couldn't perform any move that was too difficult. I could dance, as long as I had pain killers it was on problem. Kar Lok was also amazing." As for the protest outside, he felt that everyone had the freedom of speech and express their stance.

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