Thursday, November 21, 2013

TVB 46th Anniversary: Kenneth Ma & Kristal Tin TV King & Queen Voted by 400 Artists

When Eric Tsang first announced who won "TV Queen in the Eyes of the Artists", he read Linda Chung's name and Kristal immediately went to congraluate her. However, it turned out it was just Eric's naughty joke and quickly expressed Kristal is the actual winner. Kristal immediately started tearing up and eventually she was crying so much she couldn't speak. Does this give Kristal more confidence to get the actual TV Queen title next month? She said: "I've been nominated before in the past, but nobody ever asked me this question. I believe this time I had this opportunity, my husband Chapman To congratulated and declared his love in front of a crowd. The most touching was when all the other artists stood up to applaud and being so supportive." On the TV King side, Kenneth went up against Wayne Lai and when it was announced Kenneth won, he had the same stunned expression he had at last year's anniversary awards show. He had that shocked I-Can't-Believe It expression for about 5 seconds before Dodo Cheng went over to give him a pat, and he finally came back to reality. When asked about his stunned expression, Kenneth had no idea: "It came out again?" Kristal asked: "Did you vote for me? I voted for you!" Kenneth just stared at her and didn't respond. Kristal said: "Stunned again! Did you vote for Tavia Yeung?!" Kristal teased Kenneth had the naturally stunned expression. Kenneth expressed perhaps he started his career from the TVB Artistes Training class, so he got a vote of pity from his fellow colleagues. Asked if he had more confidence now to get the actual TV King title? He said: "After all, the vision of artists and the audience are different, but I'm extremely grateful to have my colleagues' support." Fred Cheng, Alfred Hui and Linda Chung led the Star Dream singers out with a chain of songs and then the TVB first line Siu Sang and FaDans were counted in. Kevin Cheng, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu and Raymond Lam stood in the middle and Priscilla Wong was promoted to stand in the first row. Former couples Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow had no interaction at all. Kate Tsui and Chin Ka Lok performed a challenging and enticing dance while suspended in the air. Kate did the splits while being suspended, but she had trouble turning in circles and then shook her head. Chin Ka Lok had the other dancers help him. Initially Raymond Lam was suppose to do the challenging performance with Kate, but because he had appendicitis, he was forced to give up the challenging dance, Chin Ka Lok replaced him. However, he still did a dance performance with the group of Miss HK and MCI. Rebecca Zhu stole the limelight with her low-cut dress. Eliza Sam and Toby Chan's dancing was stiff. Moses Chan, Myolie Wu and Ruco Chan performed had a magic trick performance with magician Louis Fan. Myolie was broken up into parts, the audience were shocked to see the lower half of Myolie's body at the end of the table, while her upper half was at the other hand of the table. It was quite terrifying. Ruco performed a trick where he saws Louis Fan into two parts and then puts him back together. Moses had the most 'rigged' performance, he said he had a gift for TVB in his stomach, then Avon Lee came crawling out of Moses' stomach and Liza joked: "Moses, its a boy!"

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