Thursday, November 21, 2013

TVB 46th Anniversary: Kenneth Ma & Kristal Tin TV King & Queen Voted by 400 Artists

Earlier Charmaine Sheh publicly urged audience not to turn off the TV because she'll be attending the TVB Anniversary Gala. However, last night Charmaine was no where to be seen. Her manager expressed since November 15th, Charmaine's had numbness in her right hand. She got an MRI done and discovered she had an intervertebral disk shift, thus putting pressure on her nerves and caused the numbness. She will have to go through physical therapy. This year TVB also gave out many prizes totaling HK$7 million ranging from an HK$818,000 property in Huizhou to HK$500,000 of MV production expenses to gold and other cash prizes. The 10 lucky winners who won the smartphones included Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, Liza Wang, Oscar Leung, Eliza Sam, Bob Lam and Stanley Ho. Ocean Wong won the expensive white Audi, Oscar Leung got 1,000 shares of the TVB stock, Chan Hong Kin won a ton of gasoline. Other winners include Raymond Lam, Super Girls, Ng Heung Leun. Caucasian actor Barry Cox won the Huizhou property.

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