Sunday, June 22, 2014

HTML - Adding Links

Links are a significant part of every web page. Without them, you’d essentially have an internet dead end. The anchor element defines each hyperlink, while the href attribute specifies its location.
<a href=””>Visit the W3C site</a>
There are certain default link characteristics you should be aware of.
• Links that have not yet been visited are underlined and blue.
• Links that have been visited are underlined and purple.
• Links in the process of being clicked are underlined and red.

Each of these characteristics can be customized with CSS.

In addition, linked pages will display in the same browser window, replacing the currently displayed page. To change that, add the target attribute to the opening a tag. Use a value of _blank to specify a new, unnamed window, or create a window name and use that as the target attribute value.

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