Saturday, June 14, 2014

Popular Design Software

The first concept to clarify is the difference between web “design” and web “development”. Web design encompasses everything from user experience and navigation planning, to crafting the graphical interface. Web development, on the other hand, is focused on programming the code that holds the page together, connects the site to databases, and allows you to do things such as purchase items with a credit card.

The design phase requires a couple of very different types of software to produce all the necessary components. Not only do you need to work out the information design, discussed next, but you also need to produce site graphics either for your own project or that you can share with clients for approval before you can begin producing the site.

Information architecture is a high-falutin term for a site’s blueprints. One of the documents produced at this stage is the “sitemap” which shows all the pages of a site and how they that offer free 30-day trials (but these offer less flexibility in the way the sitemaps look).

Software applications:
• Omnigraffle - (
• Microsoft Visio - (
• Adobe InDesign - (http://www.adobe. com/products/indesign.html)

Online tools:
• - (
• - (

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