Saturday, July 05, 2014

Website Search Engine Optimization - Part 1

Introduction of Search Engine Optimization

SEO is “search engine optimization”. Many through their own search activities rather than through your marketing efforts so it’s important to ensure that your website is as visible as it can be to search engines. This means understanding how search engines work so you can maximize your site’s ability to be found.

When you search, you are actually searching through an index of websites the search engine keeps and regularly updates. Search engines like Google use an army of software “bots” to constantly scan websites and add them to their database. The bots make a note of the site’s content, keywords, page titles, and other elements to determine how “important” the site is relative to other similar sites. Based on these factors, the search engine bots “rank” your site. This ranking determines how high up a search results list the site is displayed.

For example, if you type into Google “chocolate gift baskets”, as above shows, the sites that get the top listing are ones that have the best “search engine optimization” for the searched terms.

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