Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Age of Conan : Behind the Scenes: Beta Feedback

The folks over at Age of Conan have released a new "Behind the Scenes" feature that looks at how the developers use the feedback that they receive in Beta to improve the game. As usual, it's too long to print, so follow the link below for the whole feature.

This week we take a look at how beta feedback shapes and improves the gameplay experience and development process.

In this weeks update we wanted to go through some ot the process of change that goes hand in hand with the beta schedule. As you all know we are now in closed Beta internally, and we thought it would be interesting for people to hear about what we are working on and what is changing as we move through the beta process!

This time we take a look at how feedback has affected the work on the games opening on the Island of Tortage.

As you all know Beta is a time of finalization and changes, and as we see it the changes are for the better as it’s based on feedback from people actually playing the game. Like everywhere else in life change is unavoidable as no amount of planning, design documents or ceremonial sacrifices to the gods of game development will prevent your prized creation being subject to some alterations.

As a developer you always know that it’s coming, even if you don’t admit it, and doing changes is almost like one of those ‘unspoken truths’ of development that designers like to pretend won’t happen to them but is inevitable. (The devs don’t really fear change; it’s actually a good process, as ideas on paper might not always translate as well into real life. It sounds so much more impressive though when you picture it as some kind of mysterious evil entity that stalks the halls of our offices looking for some unwary dev to pounce on!)

Read it all here.

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