Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2006 Reader's Choice Awards: Nominations @ MMorpg.Com

Today we begin the nomination process for our second annual MMORPG.com Reader's Choice Awards. Last year, EVE Online took top honors in four of seven categories including Favorite Game. Can they defend their titles? What will be the new Most Anticipated Game? You decide.

This year, we again have seven categories (six returning, one new), but we have learned some lessons and changed the process. Rather than simply nominating games, we're providing you with drop-downs of all eligible games to vote on for the next two weeks. Once voting closes, the top four games and one editorial nominee (if necessary) will be entered into a final voting process that lasts for an additional two weeks. We will then announce the winners at the end of the year.

The categories are as follows:

  • Favorite Graphics: Won last year by EVE Online, this category is open to all games currently on the market in commercial service.
  • Favorite PvE: World of Warcraft was selected by our readers last year as their Favorite PvE Experience. Do they have what it takes to retain the crown? This category, again, is open to all games in commercial service.
  • Favorite PvP: EVE Online was your favorite PvP experience last year. Did a year change anything? This category is open to all games in commercial service.
  • Favorite Story: The Saga of Ryzom pulled off an upset victory last year. Now, with the Ryzom Ring can they retain their crown as the favorite world/role-playing/backstory of any released MMORPG on our list?
  • Most Anticipated: Open to all games that have yet to launch, last year's winner Dungeons and Dragons Online has hit the market. Who will take home the crown this year?
  • Favorite New Game: This category is from a list of games that launched to commercial service in 2006 and is the only new category in this year's awards.
  • Favorite Game: Finally, from among those games on the market, what is your favorite MMORPG? Last year, the voters said EVE.
Click on over to our 2006 Reader's Choice Awards to cast your votes.

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