Friday, November 24, 2006

The Agents of Crackdown

By now, you’ve seen the Agent – the guy on all the posters. But did you know that the Agency has more up its sleeve than just a single super-cop?

When designing the Agents, Real Time Worlds wanted to avoid the typical tall-dark-and-handsome cliché we’ve seen in any number of games. Not every hero looks the same, so they aimed to create a team of Agents that would draw from all types of races, cultures and historical backgrounds.

They wanted Agents with personality. They wanted war-paint, piercings and tattoos. There was a wealth of historical battle costumes and facial makeup to work with. Real Time Worlds wanted these guys to look like they had been though a lot of battles and were hard as nails, inside and out.

Real Time Worlds is very keen that their full agent line-up will ultimately look like a group of uniquely varied hardcore mo-fo’s who all belong in the same uniform and in the same rag-tag team.

And with that, TeamXbox present Crackdown's dysfunctional family of Agents…

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