Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dark Age of Camelot : Grab Bag

Dark Age of Camelot has released their newest Grab Bag. As uaul, we don't have space to print the whole thing, but if you follow the link below, you can take a look.

Q: (insert question about double xp)

EDITED 11/13/06

A: We are talking about a bunch of things regarding this bonus. As many players have pointed out, just leaving it would eventually make the thrill wear off and the cookies become stale. As MORE players have pointed out, hunting in the old zones is actually more fun than hunting alone in TDs all day, and the double exp makes them feel good about their choice to have fun. So! While it's unlikely that we'll make DOUBLE exp a permanent thing, we are discussing making some form of bonus exp a feature of the game - and, according to Walt, the Moderately Evil Overlord, "While we continue our discussions, we will move the double xp. bonus to Shrouded Isles."

EDIT: I don't know WHEN this happy day will come. Soon (TM).

Q: With the Mauler class unlocking quest: Is it per realm, or per cluster where all three realms get trainers whenever *any* realm unlocks the mauler on that cluster?

A: As per the Moderately Evil Overlord, Walt: “Per realm per cluster. In other words, Hib Palo can unlock it for all Hibernians on the entire cluster.”

Read it all here.

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