Tuesday, November 14, 2006

General : MMOWTF: Don't Hate the Player... @ Mmorpg

Dan Fortier, our Monday columnist on MMORPG.com, returns to talk about PvP in MMORPGs and people's reactions to what goes on. He believes, blame for bad PvP experiences should be placed on the game, not the players.

I find that the real joy in PvP games isn't in simply beating your opponent, but in humiliating them afterwards by dancing, yelling and generally acting like a four year old with too much sugar after you tell him 'No'. There are few things in life as great as zerging a non-combat specialized player with twice as many people and camping their corpse for a several hours afterward just to get them even more upset. Victory over a helpless opponent is all the more sweet when they send you hate mail and threaten to do horrible things if they ever find out where you live in real life.

The whole article is here.

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