Friday, November 24, 2006

Dev Journal: Combat @ 9Dragons

Ken Johnston looks at combat in 9Dragons in this brand new developer journal from the martial arts MMP being localized to the West by Acclaim.

9Dragons has a background story we haven't heard a hundred times, 9Dragons has period authenticity that was clearly painstaking to compile, 9Dragons has beautifully rendered artwork that likely took time off the lives of their artists ... but what those who have entered The Land (and survived) will tell you, is that the real perk of 9Dragons... is the combat system. 9Dragons combat was designed to be different than that of any other MMO from the seed stage. The designers had played the early MMO's like Everquest (where you could just click on a monster and let the stats package do the rest) and knew they wanted more, more, more. They wanted more interaction, more skill sets and to make combat more... well... more better.

Here's a glimpse of what the designers came up with...

The full article is here.

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