Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dual analogue sticks most wanted feature for PSP 2.0 @ PocketGamer

Put down your weapons, the shootout is over. A two-week long exclusive poll of Pocket Gamer readers has revealed that dual analogue sticks are the hardware upgrade most desired for the next version of Sony's PSP.

In what was admittedly a tight vote, 28 per cent of voters plumped for the two sticks upgrade, versus the 27 per cent who'd most like to see Sony make the screen touch sensitive.

The result won't surprise anyone who's played the likes of Star Wars Battlefront II. Control of certain kinds of games has been a bugbear for PSP gamers from day one. While developers have increasingly successfully compensate for the console's control limitations (for example, GUN: Showdown generous auto-aim feature) there's no doubt the single analogue stick has lessened the PSP's ability to pull ahead of DS in certain genres where its technical smarts would otherwise serve it well, such as first person shooters.

Least desired by Pocket Gamer readers was a clamshell design to protect the PSP's widescreen, suggesting that you feel the soft felt carrying case bundled with PSP is doing the job when it comes to protecting the screen.

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