Saturday, November 25, 2006

Joint Task Force Action yomps onto mobile @ PocketGamer

These are good times for virtual soldiers, even if they're a little bit hairy for actual soldiers in the real world. There are veritable platoons of squaddie games patrolling mobile, with Most Wanted Entertainment the latest publisher to field a new recruit.

It's Joint Task Force Action might be familiar though. The game is based on the PC real-time strategy game Joint Task Force, and promises to be an action-oriented spin-off from its big brother.

Joint Task Force Action follows the PC original's anti-terrorism theme, with a bunch of missions set in some of the world's most dangerous locations. No, not Leicester Square at 11pm on a Friday night.

You'll be able to sneak behind enemy lines (do terrorists have lines?), commandeer vehicles, and destroy scenery at will in order to win the day. Most Wanted says the strong storylines of the PC game will be retained, with an elite training mode to ease you into the action.

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