Friday, November 24, 2006

Early Grab Bag @ Dark Age of Camelot

EA Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot has released an early Grab Bag this week. One can only presume that the community folks over there want to enjoy their turkey day. As usual, there's too much to print here, so follow the link below to get it all.

Q: Laaaaaaaag.

A: People think I make these “questions” up. Oh, but no. This is a cut and copied, verbatim feedback form.

The Grizzled Code War Veteran was here until the wee hours, working. There are indeed still some issues (apart from the “normal” lag in places where dozens of people are casting spells). However, there is no pattern to the remaining issues that we can see, and so I need your help. I would REALLY appreciate it if you would use the feedback form, not a CS appeal, and use the following format. (If you choose to use a different format, that’s totally cool… but it will be much, much faster for us to count and tally the feedback if you take my suggestions.)

Choose the Negative feedback form category.

Fill out the other fields.

In the “comments” field, give me ONLY the following.

  • The word “LAG”
  • Zone name
  • /loc
  • Time (don’t forget the time zone) and date
  • Number of seconds from initiating an action to the action occuring

Q: Why does the feedback form not have an option for bug reports?

A: Because we want you to use the bug appeal in the game. The feedback forms are read and counted by hand (although not answered personally due to volume). The bug appeals receive a tracking number, are timestamped, and assigned to someone for investigation.

Read it all here.

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