Thursday, November 30, 2006

Eragon (Xbox 360) - Review at Gamespy

And so the universal panning of hot fantasy license Eragon goes on and on (geddit?). This time Gamespy step up to lay the boot in to the bloodied and battered body that is all that remains of Eragon.

Eragon should have been a resounding success. Based on the upcoming movie adapted from the fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini, it already had the kind of plot-driven, action-adventure storyline that videogame producers salivate at the thought of. The synergy of a best-selling book and a big-budget motion picture release gave it an all-important leg up on the overcrowded retail shelves of the chaotic holiday season. And developers Stormfront Studios had already delivered a solid third-person action title set in a fantasy world, a little game that you might heard of called The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It's one of those situations where a game virtually has to give the faithful excuses not to buy it. Unfortunately for Eragon fans, however, that's exactly what this mediocre cash-in title does.

And that's the nice stuff. Bring your daughter to the slaughter here

Source: Gamespy

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