Thursday, November 30, 2006

Final Fantasy III - DS review @ Gamespot

Full on western conversions of the original Final Fantasy III have been as rare as children's games endorsed by Michael Jackson, but Square have finally pulled their fingers out and got on with releasing this oldie but goldie on the DS. Gamespot have dedicated some time and space to it and seem to like it.

Final Fantasy III is a fine example of a video game remake done properly. Its presentation is top-notch for a Nintendo DS game, and the classic RPG combat is interesting and deep enough to still hold up well to today's standards. Final Fantasy fans should particularly enjoy tracing some of the roots of their favorite games from the series back to this installment, while taking in all of its new sights and sounds. But just about anyone looking for a traditional role-playing game to take with them on the go should find a lot to like in Final Fantasy III.

That's good enough for us. Read more here

Source: Gamespot

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