Thursday, November 16, 2006

GStar 2006 - RPGVault take a look @ RpgDot

RPGVault have published a new article about GStar 2006, the game industry show in Korea. RPGVault went to the gameshow to check it out, and have reported on their findings.

After a trip of roughly 24 hours door to door, it felt somewhat ironic that my first appointment was to see a game from the US, Flagship Studios' Hellgate London, at a press conference hosted by its regional publisher, Hanbit. It looks like Korean gamers are even more eager to see the near-future action RPG than their Western counterparts. This is due in no small measure to the immense popularity attained there by the Diablo titles and Starcraft. In case anyone doesn't know it yet, the five co-founders of Flagship were previously the principals at Blizzard North. Bill Roper is especially well known, having served as the main spokesman for both properties.

Go ahead and read the full two page article here.

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