Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hotfix Notes @ Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot has released some notes from a recent Hotfix.

The following changes are now live.


* All newly created Minotaurs should now properly start in the appropriate starter guild.
* The Labyrinth no longer provides a double bonus to Realm Points.
* The Realm guards stationed at the Labyrinth entrances should now attack Necromancer pets.
* The monsters in the entrance tunnels in the Labyrinth now con as neutral. The undead fallen adventurer monsters are now tied to the corresponding Realm entrance tunnels. Example: A Midgard undead monster in the Midgard tunnels will now show as friendly to Midgard characters and as aggressive to Albion and Hibernia.
* Emissary: Proof of Strength - Players on the Hibernian version of this quest will now be properly rewarded for completing it via the PvE method on servers other than Gaheris.
* The sell back value for the following items has been corrected: Sigil Enchanted Mail Hauberk, Sigil Ensorcelled Mail Hauberk, Rune Bound Starkakedja Hauberk, Rune Scribed Starkakedja Hauberk, Decorated Osnadurtha Hauberk, Spell Marked Osnadurtha Hauberk. Newly created items will sell back for the appropriate value. This update is not retro-active; items that are currently unable to be sold can be given to the Armorsmith Master in the Capital City for a refund.
* The sell back value for newly created Benthic Mauler Staves has been corrected. Items with the old sellback value can be given to the Fletchers Master in the Capital Cities for a refund.
* The Benthic Mauler Shod Staff will now correctly proc a cold debuff.
* Increased the aggro range of the Elite Guardians on Agramon Island.

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