Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lesser Faydark @ EverQuest II

SOE's EverQuest II has released a new feature that discusses the Lesser Faydark. It's too long to print here in its entirety, so click the link below to get the whole scoop.

Can you tell us a bit about Lesser Faydark?

Morticus: Well, Lesser Fay or LFay as it's called by some – is the smaller extension of the Faydark forest in the continent of Faydwer. Much has changed to the forest over the last four to five hundred years, which is easily noticeable with a quick look around. The first thing you will notice is that the zone is pretty much devoid of trees, but is now filled with huge towering mushrooms, twisted overgrowing vines and gigantic flowers. I really think it gives the zone a great sense of magic and wonder, especially over the traditional coniferous forests you find in most fantasy games. Tunare hasn't forgotten her followers that reside within the Lesser Fay either, which is evident by the Great Tree that grows within her grove in the Northern part of the zone. Some say that the Great Tree sprouted from a seed taken from Tunare's home within the Plane of Growth.

Lesser Faydark features ravenous plant growth. Can you explain the events that lead to all this incredible growth?

Morticus: Oh yeah, the Loa'Sur river that flows from the Emerald Halls is to blame. The water that runs through and permeates the forest of the Lesser Fay is rich in life and growth, all due to the influence caused by the Bloom of Growth Wuoshi is guarding in the Emerald Halls. At the beginning of the Age of Cataclysms during the Rending, a tremor cracked open the lair in which Wuoshi and the Bloom of Growth had been hiding. This fissure within the mountains allowed for light to shine upon the Bloom and water to flow into the Lesser Faydark. Before Tunare left her plane with the gods, she wanted to be sure that she left something behind in her absence… Wary of trusting her beloved Elves due to their invasion of her plane and attacks on the inhabitants there, she deemed them unworthy and sought another. (Bad bad adventurers!) She noticed Wuoshi, a dragon well learned in druidic magics and felt she could entrust him enough to guard the Bloom in her absence. She bade Wuoshi to hide it deep within the mountains and agreeing to guard it with his life, Tunare endowed him with some of her power, thus making Wuoshi the Guardian of Growth.

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