Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Pendragon Goodies

Dark Age of Camelot has released a new batch of patch notes for Test Version 1.86j. As usual, we're giving you the New Things and Bug Fixes. To read the notes in their entirety follow the link below.


- Fixed a memory leak relating to one of the interface windows in the Catacombs client.

- Fixed a memory leak relating to the loading screen in the Catacombs client.

Note: The Catacombs client affects people who play Catacombs, Darkness Rising, or Labyrinth.

- Champion Level Titles for champion levels 7, 9, and 10 have been changed as the result of tester feedback.


- The Runemaster’s Realm Rank 5 spell was causing players to evade much less than the advertised 90%. This has been fixed.

- Fixed an issue where Animist bombers were not interrupting other players. Bombers once again have the ability to interrupt.


- Names have been finalized for the Mauler Guard spells in the Magnetism line.

- Mauler’s Realm Rank 5 ability is now in place. Existing maulers with the Testudo Realm Rank 5 placeholder will need to respec their realm abilities to see the new ability.

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