Sunday, November 05, 2006

Newspapers deliver verdict on PS3

London’s Evening Standard newspaper has dedicated its entire page three to the battle between the three next generation consoles, and awarded Sony’s PS3 top marks. But the rather less impressed Guardian’s first impressions portray a console that cannot outstrip Xbox 360 in terms of power.

Under the heading of ‘World-beating PS3 well worth the wait’, technology correspondent at the Evening Standard Mark Prigg writes: “The first thing that hits you is the quality of the graphics. They are incredibly detailed and fast, noticeably more so than Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and often tough to distinguish from video.”

The newspaper also reviews three PS3 launch titles, with MotorStorm coming out on top with five stars. Resistance: Fall Of Man and Ridge Racer 7 are awarded four stars each.

But The Guardian’s Greg Howson is more critical. “The launch games we've played do look impressive, especially when viewed on a high-definition TV, but there is nothing on display that Microsoft's competing Xbox 360 couldn't produce,” he says. “In fact, upcoming Xbox 360 titles such as Gears of War offer superior graphics to anything we've seen so far on PS3.”

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BentSea said...

I smell bought and paid for reviews.