Sunday, November 05, 2006

Xiah : Launched in US

San Jose, CA November 1st, 2006 – OnNet USA today proudly announced the launch of Xiah, the free-to-play epic Asian martial arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). This fantasy-themed MMORPG has been well-received in Korea and now fans around the world are able to enjoy it. The unique elements of Xiah compared to other MMORPGs include Asian-based environments and characters, realistic Asian-style scenery and graphics, and an easy-to-play design for beginners.

Players can choose from four different characters as they advance through a variety of levels and environments. Xiah gives players the unique option to use either a keyboard or a controller when playing the game. The controller provides the user with greater real-time in-game character control. A central element of Xiah is the community aspect. Five distinct types of communities (Guild, Party, Relationship Party, Lover, and Teacher/Student) exist within the game allowing players to choose whichever format works best for each individual. Providing this variety of options encourages players to become more active in this community and fosters a greater sense of unity.

Xiah is part of, an online website that features games created and/or distributed by OnNet USA, Inc. Currently, is host to Shot-Online, a 3-D Golf MMORPG and Xiah. OnNet will be adding several more titles in the near future.

“We are extremely excited to be able to offer Xiah globally. Xiah has had a great following in Korea and now players around the world are able to enjoy it as well”, said Kevin Kim, CEO of OnNet USA.

The MMOG Xiah, a martial arts MMORPG originally released in the Asian market, has made its way into North America as it announced its Grand Opening.

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