Monday, November 27, 2006

The official PS3 shoe! @ Ps3 Fan's

Want to prove that you're a real PS3 fanboy? Now you have your chance. is auctioning off (for charity, natch!) the only pair of official Nike PS3 shoes to be offered to the public (and 1of only 24 pairs in exsistance). What makes these shoes so PS3-tastic?
  • Awesome Hologram Swoosh - The First Time Nike has created a Hologram Swoosh.
  • Upper is Patent Leather which mimics the heat sinks on the PS3.
  • Awesome 3M material sets these off!
  • The back of the shoes have the PS3 Launch Date.
  • Comes with two sets of laces; Red and Black.
  • Insole says "Play Beyond".
  • Inside the shoe has mechanical drawings of the PS3.
The current high bid is over $800. If you couldn't score an actual PS3 on launch day, surely the PS3 shoes are the next best thing!

[Thanks to Sony's modest PR team for the heads-up]

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