Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reminder: Please beware of third party sites. @ Hero Online

We have received MANY inquiries regarding players who''''ve gotten disconnected and returned to find their inventory empty.

Many of these cases are occuring because our players are accessing web sites that claim to have bots, hacks, exploits, gold, guides, and more; but, instead, are key logger/phish sites that steal players login/pass.

We ASK our players to refrain from going to sites that may have illicit material (things that would violate the ToS); and to go to approved fansites (listed in the forum) for information about the game. Sites that offer to give you rare items, gold for money, cheats, hacks, exploits, guides, and even items are all sites that our players should be EXTREMELY WARY of.

Because of the massive influx of claims that have these symptoms (and the time it takes to deal with even just one), we ask those users who have already submitted 1:1 to be patient with their claim as we are working as fast as we can to set things right.

Restoring players'''' accounts after they have been "hit" like this takes quite a bit of time and investigation; and we are in the process of limiting compensation for inquiries of this nature. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Those inquiries submitted after October 1st describing accounts hacked as a result of going to these websites will receive only limited service on our parts.

In an effort to increase the knowledge-base of our players, we will be releasing several GM-made guides as well as in-game systems to help players with information about Hero Online. We also have an approved fansite section, where we can post APPROVED fansites that users can go to. Players can submit their requests to have their fansites posted on our thread.

PLEASE be careful when going to these third party sites.

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