Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We Step on Puppies [PuP] @ GuildWars

Forged out of the remains of another guild during a time of trouble, the members of We Step On Puppies founded PuP as a place for them to hone their skills as players and to grow in a supportive gaming environment. The spirit of PuP is to do well while enjoying the game and maintaining a friendly atmosphere. The guild aims to achieve a status in Guild Wars where players are scared to fight against them, but happy to socialize.

PuP often has players who request to join the guild because they like the playing style, the friendly members, and the positive atmosphere. PuP isn't taking any new members, but they'll consider enthusiastic applicants on a case-by-case basis.

PuP has never has been very large, and they try to keep it that way. As a result, everyone knows how to work with their guild mates during a match. Even with a consistently small size, the guild has changed dramatically since its formation. For example, they've increased the complexity of their PvP strategies significantly. PuP started out doing Ranger spike 24/7, but now has played a huge variety of builds. At one time, the guild ran a build that featured two Fire Elementalists, which was then an uncommon tactic in GvG play.

Even more uncommon, yet in the spirit of merriment, is the guild's motto: We Stand Tall Because We Step on Puppies.

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