Monday, November 06, 2006

Top US Guild Booted from World of Warcraft

Overrated, a Horde guild, permanently removed from Azeroth.

Overrated, the only U.S. Horde guild currently clearing Blizzard's most recent raid dungeon in World of Warcraft was banned en masse by Blizzard for hacking according to a Gamespot report. Overrated had cleared all of Naxxramas, the final 40-man dungeon in WoW, but the hacks occured in Ahn'Qiraj (the previous 40-man dungeon) -- the hack allowed players to teleport through walls and get to the end boss and without wasting time killing the lesser bosses. On the official WoW forums, one Overrated member, Pantaloons, offered the following:

It's true. A few minutes ago we went from having a near-raid online to having seven. I didn't clearly, but only because my raid attendance has been remiss lately. Let me explain.

We are the only US Horde guild that clears Naxx, been like that for a few weeks. People found that the pre-C'thun trash was so painful, that they decided to install some stupid thing that deletes walls or something, and you can just run there after Skeram.

I know, we had it coming, blah blah whatever, we know we deserve it. I actually think it's hilarious because I was calling them all idiots for doing it. I'm sure they'll try and get it rescinded because it's kind of a steep punishment with no recourse or whatever.

Ok I just got banned too. Whatever seeya!


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