Saturday, November 04, 2006

Two Year Anniversary Contest

Two Year Anniversary Contest we have chosen two lucky winners per day over this past week to win a $100.00 Jinx Gift Certificate each. We would like to congratulate the following ten players:

Windalyn of Garona
Vaxloth of Burning Blade
Waldodie of Smolderthorn
Exiss of Icecrown
Trebeach of Mal'Ganis
Mooky of Agamaggan
Venomspew of Cho'gall
Sarris of Blackwing Lair
Stribog of Deathwing
Nulk of Ysondre

As a continuation of our Anniversary Contest, over the next four weeks we will have more opportunities for eligible members of the community to win prizes. You could be next!


Wuuuuuu, $100 !! Gonna be rich.. Congratulate !!

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