Tuesday, November 21, 2006

US Wii Launch 'phenomenal'

Straight from the horse's mouth - Nintendo UK comment on the recent Wii launch in America.

Nintendo UK's Dawn Paine, Marketing Director, said the following:

"The success of the Wii launch in the US this weekend was phenomenal and is
very encouraging. Hundreds of people queued up to purchase a Wii and fans
weren't disappointed by the atmosphere at New York¹s Times Square Toys ³R²
Us and Universal Citywalk¹s Gamestop.

With just over 3 weeks until launch, we are very excited about Wii arriving
in the UK and look forward to a really successful launch. Whether you're a
non gamer or an avid gamer, Wii looks set to be top of all the Christmas
lists this year, following in the footsteps of Nintendo DS as a
groundbreaking market leader."

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