Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ryzom : Nevrax Going Into Receivership

It's been tough times for the ambitious French developers Nevrax. Today, the company announced that next month their company would be going into receivership. Although the world will keep running, they also announced that it would no longer be possible to pay to play their game. Instead, all accounts will be made free starting in December and only through free trials can new players join (without a skill cap).

The changes could signal the end of Ryzom if no new company is able to take over the product in the next few months.
As you will no doubt know, Ryzom has been going through a transition over the last few months. This transition is continuing into the new year and changes are starting to happen today.

The first news is that while the game WILL continue to run and be supported, Nevrax (as a corporate entity) will be going into receivership next month. We emphasize again that the game will continue to run and be supported as this is not the beginning of the end - just the end of the beginning.

As you all, we love our game and we want to see Atys and its homins continue to evolve. We are not alone in this feeling as from the shadows a company has emerged and are currently preparing a plan to take on Ryzom. We can't tell you more at the moment since it is being discussed but we will keep you informed when we get hard facts. We can assure you that much is happening behind the scenes.

In the meantime, Ryzom goes on. Your CSRs will continue to help you and to take care of everything, while our devs will continue to work on their current schedule: the next step is to patch the ATS with a few new things. So basically, while these negotiations are ongoing, everything else is business as usual.

As we don't want to cheat on you, while Nevrax is going through this transition period, the following actions have just been taken today around 3pm GMT regarding the billing system:

* All existing subscribed accounts created before 3pm GMT will be turned into free account with 1 month of free access.
* It will not be possible to pay to subscribe to a full Ryzom account anymore.
* You will still be able to create a Free Trial account, but at the moment there will be no possibility to upgrade your account and go to mainland. As a result we've removed the level cap for the Free Trial to give players in the Ruins of Silan much more to achieve in the meantime.

As things develop you can expect a return to the usual more conventional account options soon.

You can read more at their official website.

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