Sunday, December 03, 2006

Daybreakers - Trillogy Studios update

Firing Squad have published an article detailing the latest updates on year old publisher Trillogy Studios and their first person action RPG "Daybreakers".

While they are currently keeping most of the details on Daybreakers a secret, Giolito did give us a couple of hints as to what the gameplay will be like. Instead of describing the game as an open world title, he told us that Daybreakers was a "dynamic world simulator". He added that the game would feature more interactivity and more of a sense that the player's actions have consequences in the game world. "I think that's where games need to go, especially first person shooters," Giolito told us. He also hinted that the game will feature a lot of character customization, adding that it's this aspect that will be at the core of Daybreakers. Currently the development team is preparing a demo that they will be showcasing to the press and others sometime in January.

Read the full thing here.

Source: Firing Squad

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