Monday, March 05, 2007

Charmaine Sheh [佘詩曼]


English Name: Charmaine Sheh See Man
Chinese Name: 佘 詩 曼
Chinese Nickname : Ah Sheh
Viet Name: Xa Thi Man
Date Of Birth : 5/28/1975
Age: 30 years old
Zodiac : Rabbit
Star Sign : Germine
Height : 5'5"
Vision : Normal
Cloths' Size : Small
Shoes' Size : 7 and a half
House's Location : Kowloon
Family Members : Mother and a brother
Habit Before Going To Sleep : Talking on the telephone
Secondary School: Hip Yun Secondary School
Education Level : Graduate of Tertiary Institution (Switzerland)
Languages Spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin, English & German
Favourite Season : Autumn
Favourite Movies : Meaningful Types
Favourite Singer : Leslie Cheung
Favoutite Actress : Cheung Man Yuk
Favourite Actor: Chow Yun Fatt
Leisure Activity : Watch VCD
Favourite Brands : Too many
Favourite Tourist : Attraction Rome
Place Wanted To Go : Greece
Favourite Animal : Dogs
Most Afraid Insects : Mosquitoes
Favourite Colours : Anything apart from Orange and brown
Most Loved Person : Mother
Most Dislike People : Selfish, no manners
Favourite Fruit : Mangoesteen
Most Resisted Food : Chilly stuff
Ideal Partner : Brainy, or likes to think
Favoutite Cartoon Character : Road Runner & Hello Kitty
Most Excitied Experience : Miss Hong Kong 1997 2nd runner up
Thing wanted to do most : Travel around earth
Types of magazine read : Too many
Golden Phrase You can get nothing for free (or There's no free lunch)
Goals : To be a successful business/working woman


1. Time off (1998)
2. Detective Investigation Files IV (1999)
3. The Flying Fox & Snowy Mountain (1999)
4. Heavenly Sword & Dragon Sabre (2000)
5. Crimson Sabre (2000)
6. Return Of The Cuckoo (2000)
7. Country Spirit (2001)
8. Seven Sisters (2001)
9. A Herbalist Affair (2001)
10. The White Flame (2002)
11. A Witness To A Prosecution II (2002)
12. Perish in the Name of Love (2002)
13. Life Begins At Forty (2002)
14. The Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung (2002)
15. Carry Me Fly and Walk Off (2003)
16. Point Of No Return (2003)
17. War and Beauty (2004)
18.Angels of Mission (2004)
19. Strike at Heart (2005)
20. Yummy Yummy (2005)
21. Always Ready (2005)
22. Lethal Wapons of Love and Passion (2006)
23. Dance Of Passion (2006)
24. Maiden's Vow (Phoenix Quartet) NEW!


Blue Moon (2000)
The Final Shot (2001)
Perfect Match (2001)
Love Is A Butterfly (2002)


TVB awards

2000 - My Favorite Partnership Award with Chilam for Return of the Cuckoo
2000 - My Favorite Character Award for her role as Chok-Kwan-Ho in Return of the Cuckoo
2002 - My Favorite Character Award for her role as Li Sun Fung in Country Spirit
2003 - My Favorite Character Award for her role as Princess Cheung Ping in Perish in the Name of Love
2004 - My Favorite Character Award for her role as Yee Shun in War and Beauty
2006 - My Favorite Female Character Award for her role in Maiden's Vow
2006 - Best Actress Award for her role in Madiend's Vow


2001 Top Ten Actresses - # 10
2002 Top Ten Actresses - # 10
2003 Top Ten Actresses - # 6
2004 Top Ten Actresses - # 4
2005 Top Ten Actresses - # 9


2006 China Award Best Female Actress in Hong Kong
2006 Ent Tom's "Hero" Award one of the top four fa dans

Astro Awards
2004 My Favorite Character Award for her role as Princess Cheung Ping in Perish in the Name of Love
2005 My Favorite Character Award for her role as Ha Seung Hei in Point Of No Return
2005 Best actress for her role as Dong Gai Yi Sun in War And Beauty

Uncoming series:

東 方 之 珠 (Pearl Of Orient)

Currently filming:

Series who are comfirmed to film:

Fung Wan Shui Yuet 風雲歲月 Filming start on 6 Octuber 2006

Work that are comfirmed:
13/9 Charm will go to Malaysia at Bonia Fashion show
Kuala Lumpur
16/9Charmaine will be on 3D Gold ribbon cutting ceremony, Shenzhen East Gate mainland China.
17/9 She will be on the Enicar watch promo event, Shenyang

Charmaine´s adress @TVB
Ms. Charmaine Sheh
C/O Talent Sub-Division
TVB City,
77 Chun Choi Street,
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate,
Kowloon, Hong Kong