Monday, March 05, 2007

Myolie Wu,胡杏兒

Name: Myolie Wu HangYee
Chinese Name: 胡杏兒
Nickname: My Lo,Myo
Birthday: 06/11/1979
Family:Father,Mother,Two elder sister
Fav. food:Anything except internal organs of animals
Fav. fruits:菠蘿,Mango,Seedless grapes
Fav. drinks: Fruit Juice(without sugar)
Fav colours: Bright colours
Fav. cartoon character: Doraemon
Fav character : Survivor's Law, LengLeng

Participated Series(Not In Order):
Survivor's Law
When Rules Turn Loose
War Of In Laws
The Gateau Affairs
War and Destiny(Un-released)
Tai Gik (Filming)
Scavenger's Paradise
Lost in the Chamber of Love
Dreams of Colours
Net Deception
Triumph In the Skies
Doomed to Oblivion(Un-released)
Eternal Happiness
Family Man
Golden Faith
Legal Entanglement
The Colorful Life
An Awakening Story
At Point Blank