Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bernice & Bosco on 'Minutes to Fame'

Bernice Liu and Bosco Wong were guests on the latest episode of "Minutes to Fame" and as one of the contestants had to pick up their dance partner during their routine, Bosco, Bernice and hosts Sammy Leung and Miriam Yeung joined them on the stage and Sammy and Miriam ended up quite 'attached' to each other.

One of the contestants was a man dressed in drag and he looked horrific and then he made it worse by trying to act cutesy to the judges, fluttering his eyelashes. He was quickly sent away after 40 seconds, the lowest scoring act of the evening. Sammy joked that he resembled Miriam's ex-boyfriend Ronald Cheng. However, she was very gracious and was not embarrassed by this, laughing that she was worried if viewers were disgusted by him, they might smash their televisions.

After one of the dancing acts, Sammy pulled the judges onto the stage and when he picked up Miriam, she was screaming a lot and in the end, she ended up falling on him. Asked if she was worried about losing out to Sammy, she says she did not because they just did three spins and then she was back on the ground. Asked if she will add this act to her next concert, she smiles that the sponsors may think that they are watching a folk dance instead. As for Sammy saying that the contestant looked like Ronald, she says she will not mind because she knows he was just stirring up the atmosphere.

Bosco indicates that in the past, he entered a similar competition when he was at school in Form 6. He played 'Cinderella in Drag' for a play and had to cut out some false eyelashes from some black paper and wear an orange wig. He smiles that his memory of himself dressed as a woman will be forever in his mind.

When Bernice made her appearance, she demonstrated some of her dance skills, including one manoeuvre where she hugged her own legs standing upright. When he saw this, Sammy laughed that she was 'folding herself over'.